What to do in your garden in May

At last… Summer is on its way!

This really is the busiest and most exciting time of the year in our gardens. The bulbs have all but gone now and herbaceous borders are showing signs of growth on a daily basis, which can mean only one thing… summer is on its way. Now is a great time to start sowing and planting in earnest.Now is also a goods time to take softwood cuttings, as well as time to start regularly mowing your lawn.

Here are this month’s things to do in your garden:

  • Even in though it is May watch out for frosts and protect tender plants.
  • Earth up potatoes, and promptly plant any still remaining.
  • At the end of the month you can plant out summer bedding plants but keep an eye out for any late frosts and cover when necessary.
  • Look at how best to collect rainwater and work out ways to recycle water for irrigation.
  • Weeds will start to grow rapidly in the warmer weather so regularly hoe affected areas .
  • On warm days  make sure you open greenhouse vents and doors to prevent overheating.
  • Lawns should now be mown each week.
  • Clip hedges, but check for nesting birds fist and leave until later if you have a nest that may be disturbed.
  • Spring-flowering bulbs can now be lifted and and divided into smaller clumps if they have become overgrown.

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