Swimming Pool Converted to Natural Swimming Pool

The client had an old swimming pool in the Peak District that was in need of renovation and chose us to convert it into a natural swimming pool that had the appearance of a formal pond so when their children grew up they would have a feature that complemented the house.

The pool was made larger so that the swim zone was the same size as the original pool. This was done by putting the planting zone (part of which incorporates the filter zone) around the edge on three sides and extending to the front to accommodate a set of Yorkstone steps in the pool.

The pump equipment was placed in the cellar, conveniently out of site. Three  jets direct surface debris into a skimmer that helps keep the pool clean, this is on a timer and comes on automatically at intervals during the day.

A Yorkstone patio was laid around the pool to give a generous seating/entertaining area.

Plants now beginning to spread and soften the edges of the pool