Our type 5 natural swimming pool installation in North Yorkshire completed its 6 weeks filter maturation cycle a short time ago.The pool is now ‘gin clear’ and ready for swimming, although I’m sure our client will wait until Summer now before he takes a dip.

Natural filtration is achieved through the 25 square metre aggregate filter zone that is planted with Cyperus longus, a reed that captures the nutrients in the water.

The 110 square metre swim zone has underwater steps that emerge onto the surrounding deck and a diving area that is 2 metres deep, a diving stone sits in the middle of the pool, perfect for bathing on a hot day. A bog garden wraps around the planting and filter zones, peppered with huge sandstone boulders, it makes a lovely transition between the formal garden and the wild flower meadow beyond.

Lining complete and the boulders begin to be installed

The deck surrounds the swim zone on three sides and features a 90cm water blade that emerges from a stone seat on the deck.

The pool was designed with help of Alistair Baldwin of Alistair W Baldwin Associates, who had designed the whole garden and it sits beautifully within this space. Alistair’s arrangement of the bog plants (Lythrum salicaria, Polygonum bistorta and Iris sibirica) in bands across the garden will provide spectacular drifts of colour that frames the pool.

If you would like more information on natural swimming pools and how you could enjoy them, please contact our team on [email protected] or call 0114 221 5066

View from the deck