What to do in your garden in November

October continued as a mild month with just the occasional reminder that winter is fast approaching. However, as we enter November, the clocks have gone back, the nights are drawing in. It’s a good time to take stock, get those autumn jobs done and start planning for next year. Here is our rundown of things to keep you busy in your garden through out November.

General jobs to do this month

  • Clear up leaves from lawns, ponds and beds – use them to make leaf mould which will add structure and organic matter to your soil
  • Make sure that any containers and pots are raised onto pot feet to prevent water-logging as the weather gets wetter and colder.
  • Plant tulip and hyacinth bulbs for a spring display next year – this is really your last chance to do this
  • Prune roses to prevent wind-rock
  • Plant out winter bedding
  • Put insulation around outdoor containers and pots to prevent them from being damaged by frost – bubblewrap works well
  • Put grease bands around the trunks of fruit trees to prevent winter moth damage
  • This is an ideal time to put out bird food to encourage winter birds into the garden and help them through the coming months
  • Plant shrubs, roses and hedging plants sold with bare roots
  • Move deciduous trees and shrubs once they have lost their leaves
  • Take hardwood cuttings from shrubs and roses
  • Clear the moss or weeds from any areas of grass and give the grass one last feed before winter sets in, this will help it to stay alive
  • Introduce mulch or wood chippings – Laying mulch or wood chippings between plants and shrubs before winter can help to protect the soil as well as keeping in vital nutrients.

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October Plant of the Month – Schizostylis (Kaffir lily)

Schizostylis, or Kaffir lilies, are great additions to any late season borders. They produce beautiful copper red flowers that start the day weighed down by dewdrops and as the day progresses open up to face the midday sun. They are perfectly suited to the mixture of seasons we often see at this time of year; cold mornings, a burst of summer by midday, then slipping back to autumn later on.

Schizostylis is a hardy plant that likes full sun and a moist, but well drained soil. Suitable soil types are: Sandy/Light or Chalky/Alkaline. It will grow to a height of around 60cm with a spread of about 30cm.

Stiff upright stems with copper/orange and pale pink flowers that grow out from clumps of sword-shaped mid-green leaves. It can also provide a nice supply of cut-flowers for use indoors.

What to do in your garden in October

September gave us lovely warm sunny days but now that we’re into October we’ve definitely seen a change. It feels colder, wetter and the leaves on the trees are changing to their lovely autumn colours. It’s a busy time in our gardens right now from harvesting summer crops to pruning back seasonal growth and planting for the year ahead. Here’s our suggestion for your gardening to do list this October:


  • Regularly clear up fallen leaves from your lawn but fallen leaves on borders can be left to rot down
  • Cut back perennials
  • Move any tender plants in to the greenhouse or bring indoors
  • Plant our spring cabbages
  • Harvest the last of the apples, pears and any other fruits still on the plants
  • Prune climbing roses
  • Order seeds and start planning for next year
  • Mow lawns for the last time this year
  • Last chance to trim hedges
  • Lay turf and plant grass seeds
  • Keep on weeding and have a gentle tidy up in your borders

Start digging in compost, manure and as much organic matter as you can lay your hands on to replace the goodness in it.

Start putting out food and fresh water for birds – it will help them to build up their reserves for winter.


  • Keep off your lawns if they are sodden
  • Continue to cut if growing once every 2 weeks and with blades on a high setting
  • New lawns – Last chance to plant grass seeds and the best time to lay turf


  • Protect half-hardy plants with fleece or bring into a frost-free greenhouse
  • Plant daffodil bulbs, tulip bulbs and Allium bulbs for a glorious spring display
  • Plant bare-root ornamental trees and shrubs
  • Plant spring bedding such as wallflowers, Bellis, Primulas and winter pansies for a fantastic spring display
  • Autumn is the ideal time to plant Clematis plants

Need more advice? Post a question on our Facebook page or pop into the garden centre and talk to a member of our experienced garden team.