Swinton Park Hotel Natural Swimming Pool

Last year Garden Style was asked by Swinton Park Hotel in Masham to build what is believed to be the first public natural swimming pool in the North of England. Working together with Clear Water Revival who supplied cutting edge filtration technology, we installed a 12 x 3m outdoor, porcelain tiled pool with a planted pond alongside to enhance the natural look required by the Hotel. Keeping the plants separate from the main pool ensured water quality is what would be expected by the hotel’s guests, CWR’s system being the only one available that doesn’t need plants to filter the water.

Swinton Park’s guests can now enjoy the natural swimming pool experience, bathing in crystal clear mineral water passively heated by the sun at around 20-24 degrees in summer, the dark tiles helping to absorb its radiated heat. There are plans to link the natural pool into the indoor pool’s heating system to extend its season.